The 2012 2nd Annual Flippin’ For Wishes Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

What a success! We did great this year guys! Alongside of running out of supplies multiple times, feeding hundreds of hungry people, and putting our organization out there, we raised $2,437 serving pancakes at the Cedar Falls Hu Hot located on University Ave! This, along with what we already have raised and saved up puts us well over our mark of where we should be, so you can count on a wish being granted at the end of this year for an amazing young individual! Here’s a glimpse of what we did, and what we have to look forward to next year!

If you’re interested in being a part of this and many more wonderful fundraisers for the children we do this for, feel free to stop by the Mauker Union, tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. in the Elm Room downstairs. The more the merrier! See you there!


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