Take Action

Why hey there!

If you are reading this post then I challenge YOU to take action. Take action in whatever it is that inspires you, that gets you all revved up inside. Take action in something that allows you to sit above the clouds in emotions. Whether it be helping the environment, helping kids with their homework or keeping hunger off the streets; find an outlet that gets you excited. Find something that feeds your passion, because if you do, no one can touch you, you will soar in everything that is positive. 

Let me tell you why you should take action and be a part of the Northern Iowa Wishmakers. We are a group, for those of you that know have a partnership with the Make A Wish Foundation. We raise money to grant wishes to kids that are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Can we stop and think about that for a second? “Help grant wishes to children suffering from life threatening illnesses.” That means that you are giving the chance of a lifetime to a child by allowing them to pick the one thing that they want to do and make that dream come true. That is purely breath taking and unbelievable. Imagining the joy and smile that this child will undergo is enough to put me in chills for a straight week. What does it do for you? How do you react?It is a moment that will leave you speechless for the rest your life. The emotions run so deep that you will never truly understand what you have done for this child other than the fact that you made his or her dream come true.  

I want to to leave you with a visual. So I want you all to now close your eyes and imagine you, the person reading this right now is handing a child their one wish, the one thing they want above anything else in the world and you just hand it over. 
Take a second to visualize and feel what that would be like……………….This is what you can be a part of by taking action and getting involved with the Northern Iowa Wishmakers. It is more than just an organization, you create a lasting memory that will be with that child for the rest of their lives. We do all of this out of the goodness of our hearts and to see that light shine within these kiddo’s. 


TAKE ACTION! Contact us now for more information on how you can be that change


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