What defines a fighter?

What is a fighter? What is your definition of a fighter? This video tells a story, from the words within the video about what a fighter is. And in my mind a wish kiddo is every bit a fighter and more. They get knocked down, pushed around and made to feel weak. But they get up and push forward everyday, they do not give in. They are willing to stand up against all adversity, look their maker straight in the eye and give em hell. The kiddos deserve every bit of life they can get because a lot of it gets taken away through the things they have to battle everyday.

These kiddos define the meaning of fighter, and I’ll be damned if we let them fight this alone. Help these kids make their dream living proof that they have a line of fighters ready to go to battle with them.

Watch this video. Get inspired. Be a fighter for these kids. Be their #dreamcometrue


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