Elmo Changes Amanda’s Life

Elmo Changes Amanda’s Life

Watching this video, and being the HUGE Elmo fan that I am, it was a video that just melted my heart. Watching the expression on Amanda’s face when meeting Elmo, you know that Amanda is going to cherish that moment forever even after growing up. I would scream like a little boy on Christmas morning if I got to meet Elmo and I an adult. This moment it one that will last a life time and will send chills down Amanda’s spine for years to come. Seeing the way Amanda hugged Elmo with a long,  sincere, big bear hug you know that he is in heaven right now and there is no place he would rather be. I can’t begin to explain how this makes me feel. How does it make you feel. Sit back and watch this video one more time, and believe me you will want to watch it one more time. When watching the video, take in what you feel, what does this make you think of? I know it makes me feel like a difference can really be made in this world. It inspires me and drives me to get up and do something for someone other than yourself. It reassures me that this is good in this world and the bad stuff just takes over sometimes. We have to focus on the good and what inspires us to do good everyday. It will make sky clearer, the air more fresh and it will make your mind feel alive. Ideas will spark and actions will be taken and before you know it, you will be doing something that you might not have thought would have been possible. There are so many possibilities for you in this world, you just have to take hold of them whenever you can. Don’t be afraid to dive into something that is unknown to you, for you will find that in the end it was well worth it. Be inspired everyday to make a difference, take that chance to make that possibility into reality. Your life and the lives of others will be enriched. 



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