Happy Homecoming Week!

Hello all! We hope you’re having a spectacular start to the homecoming week that lies ahead of us, and with that in mind, we would like to thank each and every person who came out to support our Car Bash this Monday outside of Mauker Union. We had 90 people show up and support the Make-A-Wish foundation! That’s a great turnout, especially with this being the first time in a few years we’ve been able to hold this kind of event. Not only is getting our name out there important, but each and every single individual that hears and learns more about our foundation greatly increases the chance for a very deserving child to be granted their greatest wishes ever. It’s truly spectacular to see all of you unite for such a beautiful cause. Its crazy to think about the impact we have on the lives around us. We will make sure to post pictures up as soon as we get them all sorted out!

In other Make-A-Wish news, the Fall Into Wishes fundraiser event is on its arrival and we look forward to beating our record last year, and getting many more lawns cleaned up around the area while spreading word and raising money for our child’s wish. It really is a fun time, so if you have or know of anyone who needs their leafs to leave, give us a holler and we will be sure to get you signed up and on our list! We are extremely excited to see what we can do with this event, especially this year with so many more smiling faces and go-getters that have joined our cause!

Last but certainly not least, please don’t forget our all-committee meeting next Wednesday at 6 in the Presidential Room at Mauker Union! We would love to see your faces there, along with some newcomers. Remember, the more the merrier! See you there and have a very safe and responsible weekend folks!

Remember: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi 




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