UNI Bake-A-Wish

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week’s bake sale. We raised over $25 which is considerably good, because we were there for only 3 hours on Tuesday, selling things for roughly 50 cents a piece. Yet again another example of the small steps we take in this organization to get our name out there and reach for our goals. The people who put their time and efforts in this organization are a great example of our great student body organizations on campus. Lots of good people here. Good stuff, good stuff.

On another note, Fall Into Wishes is coming up, and we are looking for yards to rake! Last year we didn’t quite have the turnout that we wanted, but it would be great this year if we surpassed our efforts last year and rake in some more money for our wish child. Next Saturday we will be starting at 8 am and working until 4pm to Rake-A-Wish around the community. Feel free to bring friends or contact people you know in the Cedar Valley area and make this event HUGE! If all goes well we will be doing yards on Sunday as well, but that will be determined closer to Saturday. 

The Make-A-Wish tailgate went as good as it could given the weather conditions and we will be sure to get pictures of it up as soon as we can! Hopefully next year we can plan this for a little earlier and get some better weather, but we don’t complain around here. There are no mistakes, just happy accidents! Always remember that! 

Have a great week folks!


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