Howdy folks! It’s getting to be that time of the year again! Time to bundle up and start getting ready for the home stretch of this semester! Are you excited?? Well December IS right around the corner and we for one ARE excited to announce the 3rd Annual Flippin’-For-Wishes fundraiser we are having this year at Hu-Hot right on University Ave! Come join us for a morning of fun as we celebrate the season and dedicate a wonderful winterland breakfast our next lucky kid! Its a great cause and a great way to make an excuse to not cook breakfast that morning! We’re SO, SO excited to see how many of you guys we can get out there and support this truly amazing organization Saturday, December 7th! Details to come!

Speaking of our amazing organization….THE PICTURES ARE UP! Go check them out and see our beautiful faces, new and old, from our last Make-A-Wish meeting from last Wednesday the 13th. It was a real fun time and we even decided to break out some brand new threads for our organization to become more recognizable around campus (the stylish swagger it flaunts around doesn’t hurt either!). You can easily tell that we are growing bigger and bigger within this University’s campus and we can’t wait to get more to join us! Feel free to get as many of your friends and peers as you’d like to get involved. The more the merrier, especially with everyone’s favorite season coming up!

With that in mind, before we let you go, just remember that giving back, paying it forward, and dedicating your time to others is one of the most precious gifts anyone could ever imagine. Its the fundamental idea behind Christmas’ festive and heart-warming arrival each and every season. So before you go making a list of what you want this holiday, try this. Do at least one good deed for someone. Create a smile. Cherish a moment. That’s what we aim for every year through our fundraisers, events, and activities; to brighten the glistening eyes of a young child that deserves happiness far beyond what you or I can ever express.


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