Constitution of the Northern Iowa Wishmakers


Section I.         Northern Iowa Wishmakers


Section II.       We grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.


Section III.      Leadership

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Membership
  • Vice President of Resource Development

No one member shall hold more than one office in a given term.


Section IV.      Membership is open to any UNI student who displays a vested interest in the Make-A-Wish Foundation and commits at least twenty hours of service (including meetings) to the Northern Iowa Wishmakers each semester.


Section V.       All Executive Board members must have been an active member of the Northern Iowa Wishmakers for at least on semester preceding their term. They will be elected to these positions by a member vote. No campaigning is allowed prior to the day of elections, when potential Executives are permitted two minutes to speak to the group followed by questions. Executives will be elected by a majority vote. The duties of Executive Board members are as follows:

President: Oversee chapter operations and Executive team

  • Makes all final organizational decisions
  • Communicates regularly with other officers
  • Oversees general administrative functions
  • Ensures that other officers are performing their assigned duties
  • Hosts organizational meetings
  • Communicates with faculty and service advisors


Executive Vice President: Administrative duties such as meeting minutes and maintain financial accounts.

  • Manages organization finances
  • Communicates financial information with both the organization president and the faculty advisor
  • Takes attendance at all events
  • Records and distributes minutes to membership


                        Vice President of Membership: Recruit all new members and monitor member service hours and attendance at Northern Iowa Wishmaker events

  • Raises awareness of volunteer activities on campus
  • Recruits and maintains volunteer involvement among all students (individuals, other organizations, the Commons, etc.)
  • Records all volunteer contact information


                        Vice President of Events: Organize and implement all fundraising activities and events.

  • Meets with committee leaders to formulate policy and subsequently reports results to the president
  • Plans events with the guidance of the President
  • Prepares budgets for events


                        Vice President of Communications: Implement any public relations strategies and communications to various publics.

  • Responsible for coordinating both internal and external publicity efforts
  • Organizes committee meetings to draft advertising campaigns
  • Communicates committee decisions with the President
  • Implements final advertising campaigns both on and off campus
  • Raises awareness of volunteer activities on campus and off


                        Vice President of Chapter Relations-Cedar Valley Make-A-Wish: Be the key contact for the Cedar Valley Chapter of Make-A-Wish in order to facilitate a working relationship between the local, state and national organization.


On-Campus Advisor – Advise chapter on campus related resources and policies; assist in events initiated by Northern Iowa Wishmakers.


Off-Campus Advisor – Advise chapter on Make-A-Wish organizational resources and policies; assist in events initiated by Northern Iowa Wishmakers.


All Executive Board members are responsible for attending all meetings and events for the Northern Iowa Wishmakers.


Section VI.      General Meeting Information

Time and location information

Meetings will occur on a bi-weekly basis

Committee meeting will be held on off-weeks

Meeting location will be on UNI’s campus and determined by Executive Board

Exact meetings dates will be determined during the academic semester

Procedure for calling special meetings

Email must be distributed to individuals expected to attend

Required notice of mandatory meetings

President must distribute an email detailing the date, time, and location of the             meeting at least two weeks prior

Fliers may be posted advertising the meeting for recruitment purposes

Structural Details

Quorum:  All Executive Board members and a minimum of 2/3 of membership

Parliamentary procedures will be followed

Order of Business

  1. Presidential introduction and description of upcoming meetings
  2. Special guest speaker if available
  3. Vice presidents discusses upcoming events
  4. Directors discuss their operations
  5. Open floor


Section VII.     This constitution may be amended after two readings at general meetings and a majority vote.  No changes will be officially made without a vote of membership. At least 2/3 of members must be present to vote.



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