Fall Into Wishes

Fall Into Wishes is a new opportunity that was brought to the organization in the fall of 2012. This is an event in which we have the pleasure of giving back to the community for all of the great things it provides as well as knowing that raking leaves is changing lives in our community and around the world. With this event we have the pleasure of going out into the community, conversing with the public about the service that we are providing for them as well as where their money is ultimately going. Fall Into Wishes is an event that is very dependent on the number of volunteers we get. The more volunteers that are available to help, the more yards we able to rake in a faster amount of time! Help us achieve great heights by contacting us to volunteer TODAY!

This years Fall-into-Wishes will take place on Saturday October 26th and Sunday October 27th. Appointments are to be scheduled in advance through our Director of Events, Alexis Helgens. Her contact information is below.

Aleixs Helgens: Director of Events


Leaf Rake              Rake

Flippin For Wishes

Flippin For Wishes is a pancake breakfast that is hosted at HuHot located with the College Square Mall on University Avenue in Cedar Falls, Iowa. This event takes place in early December right before school lets out for winter break. It is an early morning breakfast where college students and families can come and have a great hardy breakfast to get their day started off right. Not only are they getting a healthy meal in, the money they are using to pay for the tickets are going straight into our total for the year, in hopes that we can raise enough to grant a wish to a child right here in the Cedar Valley. The breakfast features a variety of fruit to choose from, coffee, juice, and yes of course, PANCAKES! Come on out and join us in early December for our Hearty pancake breakfast to get your morning off on the right foot!

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Swishes For Wishes

Swishes For Wishes is a great event to get your kids involved with if they like to play basketball. This is a tournament that is held every spring in the Wellness and Recreation Center on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa. This tournament varies in age from elementary age all the way up to adult. But do not worry, we make sure to split up the age groups so all games are fair and fun! This event is competitive yet fun, so get a group together if either of those appeal to you or your children. Swishes For Wishes is one of our biggest events of the year, and raises a big amount of money that all goes into our final total of fundraising for the year. Not only are you staying active and having a great day with your friends, but your also help granting a wish to a child that is holding on for dear life. Come create that memory for a child by contacting us TODAY and getting signed up for Swishes For Wishes.

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