UNI Concessions Various dates throughout the semester

This is a type of fundraiser that comes in the form of working the concession stands during any type of of sports that UNI is hosting. This could be volleyball, football, men’s/women’s basketball, high school football, or wrestling nationals. We are in charge of multiple stands for the duration of the event, keeping extensive records of what our stands inventory is before the event and then keeping track of what gets sold and what ends up getting spoiled. We are in charge of preparing all of the food for the stand and cleaning up thoroughly when the event is over


Buffalo Wild Wings “Eat Wings, Raise Funds” September 23rd and September 25th

This is a fundraiser that requires you and a bunch of your friends and/or family. Come to the Buffalo Wild Wings that is located on University Avenue in Cedar Falls on the date listed above and have good conversation while watching one of the many great sports’ games that are on T.V. Let’s not forget that its football season, another reason to come and grab a nice cold beverage while relaxing and eating some delicious wings. This fundraiser will go to help improve the organization of the Northern Iowa Wishmakers by allowing us to have funds to purchase anything that could help us raise awareness of who we are and what we do. Below is the ticket that needs to be taken to Buffalo Wild Wings and presented when the check comes out. Click the link below to be taken to the ticket.


BWW’s coupons

UNI Homecoming Car Bash October 7th 4pm-7:30pm

This fundraiser was a great way to support the great campus that we attend in their week of showcasing to campus what panther spirit is all about. This event had a dual purpose of raising money for our organization. The car was provided by Pat’s Auto Salvage in Waterloo, Iowa and the location was provided by the University of Northern Iowa’s Maucker Union Staff. We charged $2 for 3 hits and $3 for 5 hits. We also have music at this event while enticing students to get involved and show their school spirit. It was a great event, a great day and a great turnout. Overall we raised over $300 and had over 100 people show up through out the day! We showed UNI students the spirit needed to carry this great University while also raising money for a child in need. Great times were had by all and we hope that this event will turn into a tradition for this organization and this campus.

     Car Bash 2013 2Car Bash 2013


Coldstone Fundraiser October 21st 6-9pm

Coldstone is a great way to enjoy a refreshing rich treat on a fall night with your family, friends, significant other or all of them at the same time! And to top it off with a bright red cherry, a portion of what is made will go to our organization to assist in purchasing various items to enhance our organization in aspects such as recruitment and marketing. Come enjoy a “Like it” and love life knowing that you just made a contribution to granting a wish to a child suffering from a life threatening illness


Pizza Ranch Fundraiser April 9th

What a great way to end your middle of week slump and get re-energized by having a night out at the ever popular Pizza Ranch. Come on out and see the Northern Iowa Wishmakers make those tables shine! We will be busing your tables and for our hard work we get a portion of the proceeds and a portion of the tips a well! Not only can you enjoy the smells and taste of a great slice of hot, cheesy pizza but you can also see a child’s wish come true with your purchase of some Pizza Ranch pizza. We hope to clean your table!

Pizza Ranch

More Fundraisers will be added upon scheduling. 


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