Meet The Executives

Connor Kem & Chloe Basa Co-Executive Directors

Year: Junior


  • Connor:  P.E. with a minor in Health Ed. and Coaching
  • Chloe: Double major in MIS and Organizational Leadership

Role: To lead the Executive committee and all committee meetings. To oversee the operations of the organization and to provide guidance to other members of the executive committee.

One Wish:

  • Connor: Visit Hawaii and go hiking, surfing, deep sea fishing and scuba diving
  • Chloe: To backpack across Europe

photo 4    E-mail:

Alexis Helgens Director of Events

Year: Sophmore

Major: Social Work and Anthropology

Role: To plan and put on all of the major events that we hold. She is to manage every aspect of these events such as venues, master schedules, volunteer coordination, risk management and so forth.

One Wish: Go to Norway with my grandma


Olivia Galkowski Director of Recruitment

Year: Freshman

Major: Undecided

Role: To obtain members for the organization through creating and putting on multiple creative recruitment events that spark interest within the students of UNI. Olivia is also in charge of getting participants and customers for our various events and fundraisers that we put over the course of the year. She is the soldier of the organization, on the front lines doing the dirty work.

One Wish: To work at Disneyworld so she can see all the happy people everyday

photo 3 E-mail:

Bryce McCormick Director of Marketing/Public Relations

Year: Junior

Major: Communicative Disorders

Role: Bryce manages a lot of the behind the scenes work with keeping the facebook, twitter and blog updated. He is also in charge of getting us time on the radio and newstations and in the newpapers. He is in charge of carrying the image of the Northern Iowa Wishmakers through the public outlets. He is also in charge of creating a marketing campaign that will attract more followers.

One Wish: To visit Ireland with his grandfather

photo 1 E-mail:

Rebecca Montville Director of Chapter Relations

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Role: To keep the communication between the Make A Wish Foundation and our organization very solid. She is also to inform us of any events that the local chapters are putting on so we can support them in any way possible

One Wish: Go to the wizarding world of Harry Potter

P1120164       Email:

Saundra Vorland Secretary

Year: Senior

Major: Social Work

Role: Record the meeting minutes and assist with objectives of the executive and associate director

One Wish: Travel outside outside the country on a mission trip


Paige Neiman Co-Adivsor

Graduated from U.N.I. is May of 2012

Major: Majored in Family Services and Leisure Youth and Human Services

Role: To assist the Northern Iowa Wishmakers in any way that she can

One Wish: Take a mission trip to South Africa


Sadie Foertsch Co-Advisor

Role: To assist the executive team in any way they need with events and other things of the life

program assistant


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