Our Committee’s

Events Committee

Director of Events – Lexi Helgens

This is the planning committee. Its sole purpose is to plan the three majorevents that we put on over the course of the year. Everything from securing the venue and creating layout blueprints is handled by the events committee. Events committee is also in charge of securing sponsorship for all of our events. Sponsorship’s can include any type of donation, monetary or a company product. The events committee plans every aspect of the event, while also creating a master schedule for all executives and committee members so that everyone is informed of event operations.

Marketing/Public Relations Committee

Director of Marketing – Bryce McCormick

Marketing and Public Relations committee is in charge of producing promotional materials to notify the public about upcoming Wishmaker events . This includes designing fliers, posters, T-shirts and any other materials deemed necessary. This committee also handles the UNI Wishmakers social media sites; Promoting and updating our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts with news pertaining to Make-A-Wish Iowa and UNI Wishmakers.  Public Relations and Marketing play a key role in the Cedar Valley community and on the UNI campus, making sure people know  who we are and what our organization is all about.

Recruitment Committee

Director of Recruitment – Olivia Galkowski

This committee is designed to recruit member’s to join Northern Iowa Wishmakers as well as gain participants for each of our 3 major events throughout the year. This committee is outgoing and energetic! They’re the members actively reaching out to new recruits and making a name for the organization around campus. Recruitment works closely with the Marketing/Public Relations committee as the marketing committee will provide the tools and materials necessary for successful recruitment. This does not mean that they are the same committee, they just work closely with one another. Recruitment events are intended to  draw the UNI community into the organization.This means that these events are low budget and low-cost for anyone to attend. Recruitment is a how we get our name out on campus, as well as doing fun and creative thing that leave an impact here at UNI.

Chapter Relations

Director of Chapter Relations – Rebecca Montville

This committee is to work directly with the Make a Wish Foundation of the Cedar Valley. They attend their meetings and report back on meeting content, specifically about events and within the community. If there are events that the committee needs assistance with from members of the Cedar Valley community then this committee is in charge of coordinating volunteer efforts. This committee is the main contact for Make-A-Wish Cedar Valley and as such they relay all messages to and from both committees.

If you are interested in joining one of our committee’s then check out our Contact Us page OR e-mail us at NIWishmakers.Info@gmail.com for more information about membership!


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